GoPiGo! A complete kit to build your own Robot Car

We purchased this robot kit at Once we received the kit, it took me about a day to assemble all the pieces. My little brother and I, we added some Lego pieces on top of the car… so that it looks cool. My dad helped us upload the OS into the Raspberri Pi, I’ll write up the instructions later. As seen in the picture below, I replaced the double AA battery by a “Power Bank” battery (3.7v) so that it takes less space on the car and also we can recharge it anytime via USB cable… save a lot of money. Once the program is loaded into the Raspberry memory then I run the command below to remote control the Robot car via Wifi.  On a side note, my little brother knows how to run these command himself by following the steps below– yeah he has his own GoPiGo car too! Also, you can control the car using your mobile phone or tablet.

Type sudo raspi-configInterfacing Options>> P1 Camera>> Yes>> OK>> Finish

Run these commands below:

cd Desktop/GoPiGo/Software/Python/Examples/Browser_Streaming_Robot
sudo bash //long installation
sudo python

/*** this is for the servo, please ignore this step if you do not have the servo attached to the Raspberry Pi. cd Desktop/GoPiGo/Software/Python/Examples/Basic_Servo10. sudo python***/


If everything goes well, the webcam should now be accessible via its wireless IP Address
http://dex.local:98 OR Enjoy!

Note: Test if camera is defective, please run these commands below:

import picamera
p = picamera.PiCamera()

If error then camera or cable is bad, ask for a refund!