GoPiGo – Let’s drive a car!

  1. Plug the HDMI cable from your computer screen to the Raspberry Pi
  2. Turn on the Raspberry Pi (ON=back | OFF=forward)
  3. Click on “Scratch” shortcut
  4. “Scratch for Robots” window pops up, please click “Start Programming”
    At any  time, PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE the black windows “Scratch Controller – do not close this windows!”
  5. At the “Alert” window, please click <OK>
  6. A new scratch window is displayed with a cat. Please close the window as we’re going to open the Dexter sample project to drive the car. Again, do not close the “Scratch Controller” window.
  7. Click “Open Examples” and launch file
  8. After you launched the Scratch file, the “Scratch Controller” display a message saying “GoPiGo Scratch: Connected to Scratch successfully”. This mean that you can now control the car remotely via your wireless keyboard.
  9. Use your wireless keyboard to control the car. Below are the basic commands to control the car, please adjust and change the settings accordingly:Turn Left: Left Arrow
    Turn Right: Right Arrow
    Backward: Down Arrow
    Forward: Up Arrow
    Increase Speed: w
    Decrease Speed: s
    Left Led ON: o
    Left Led OFF: p
    Right Led ON: k
    Right Led OFF: l
    Wheel Rotation: m
    Stop the engine: <Space Bar>

I will add videos and pictures later when time permits 🙂

Also, use the GoPiGo Camera in conjunction with the wireless keyboard camera and you’ll be able to remotely drive the car from your PC or even better from your iPhone, or Android devices.