Cloud gaming with amazon AWS

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    Cloud Gaming is best described as a form of online gaming, and is sometimes called “gaming on demand” and “gaming as a service” or GaaS. There are two main types, one based on file streaming and the other based on video streaming. The goal is usually to provide a simple, online method to play a game though any device with internet capability.
    This is usually set with a thin client architecture, where the game is stored, hosted, rendered and execute from a server in the cloud. The server is doing the heavy processing, so it reduces the technical resources needed on the client device. The user makes inputs on their device (button pushes, lever pulls, etc., all the game actions) and these inputs are sent to the server for processing. One other popular option is where a small, initial portion of the game is downloaded to a local device, so the player can start playing quickly, and more of the game downloads as needed as the player progresses.